50k Check, Naked Brunch, RoseyBones

Ages 21 and up
Saturday, March 02
Doors: 9pm // Show: 10pm
50k Check is a Chicago band that blends 70s post-punk, 60s psychedelic pop, and a noisy indie rock that gives every song its own unique vibe. On their first album, songs build from pin-drop quiet to all-encompassing layers of sound, others peel a song, layer by layer, to reveal their essence. Behind Kelly Torch’s soaring vocals, the band sways between melody and fuzz, groove and trance, dance and lounge. 50K Check is Kelly Torch on vocals, Mason Payne on guitar, Kisira Hill on bass, Karl Sokhn on drums and David Greene on keys. 
Naked Brunch is a four-piece rock band from Chicagoland.Groovy, irreverent, and eclectic, this is body-bumping rock’n’roll meant to be seen live.
Among the celestial bodies and drifting fields of Chicago, the honey-sweet groove of RoseyBones was born. You may catch them under a twinkling canopy in Brazil’s sultry embrace, or serenading lovers and friends in brownstoned corners of Chicago. Channeling from the musical wells of jazz, Motown, rock, and Andean mountains, they weave indie sounds into sails that keep you floating in the sunwater drift.
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