Mangoland, Triplets of Gonzo, Winefred RT

Ages 21 and up
Friday, December 08
Doors: 9pm // Show: 10pm
Selinger Gonzo and Jess Northup (GOLD, Van Allen Belt) began playing music together as street performers in Mexico before forming Triplets of Gonzo (then Gonzo Trio) in Oaxaca. For years the band formed an integral part of Oaxaca’s vivacious art and music scene. After Selinger and Jess relocated to Chicago, they joined forces with drummer Todd Waters (Shapers, Donkey Punch). Their first U.S. album, No Queda Mas Que Andar (recorded in conjunction with Mike Lust) is a musical journey with compositions ranging from dark and brooding to poppy and playful. It contains elements of Chicago’s late ’90s aggressive underground, classic rock, and ’70s prog rock, with sprinkles of Latin rhythms, funk, and swirling soundscapes. The complex harmonies and intriguing rhythms of Triplet’s songs provide a compelling backdrop for Selinger Gonzo’s powerful vocals. Live the band’s sound leaps to life in 3D, providing a show that engages, challenges, and entertains.
Winefred RT is the indie folk-adjacent solo project of Zoe Bockhorst. Coming out of Madison, WI and now based in Chicago, IL, Winefred RT’s music weaves together clever, cutting lyrics and delicate vocals. Described once by a fan as "Joni Mitchell who grew up with internet access", Winefred RT explores themes of vulnerability, intimacy, and the online world in her music. When not playing music, you can find her walking around the city wondering where the leaves on the sidewalk go in the winter.
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