C3zr, Sarah Songbird, Sapphire Street

Chicago pianist, songwriter, and producer Cesar Pino writes music with a location in mind, be it a beach, a rooftop while looking up at the sky at night, or even somewhere in the mainframe of Tron, thanks to a consistent use of electronic drums and synth bass. Donning the moniker C3zr, Pino’s project combines his background as a classically trained and jazz pianist with the electronic funk or soul of his favorite artists like Kaytranada, Daft Punk, Robert or Glasper.Releasing off of formerly Chicago-based house, jazz, and soul label 600 Block Records this fall, the album takes Pino’s technical prowess and his desire to create fresh ear-worms to capture the warm feelings of love in its various forms, for companions, friends, and family.

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