Cry Of Love, Fin Talbot, Jane Hobson

CryOfLove the “most handsome band of Chicago”, heavily inspired by Jimi Hendrix they mix 60s psychedelic rock to modern jazz with a sprinkle of electronic music.Fin Talbot is a unique blend of Chicago’s grit and Dublin’s charm.Started by Sean Fagan and joined by brothers Dan and John Glines, their indie rock landscape is shaped by influences ranging from ’70s glam rock to early 2000s indie rock.Jane Hobson, a singer-songwriter originally from Madison, Wisconsin, blends post-punk, indie rock, and folk to create her unique sound.

Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes (PA), Year Twins (OH), Sweet Bike, Bottom Bracket

Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes (or YY1KXY for the impatient) has certainly weathered the storm in the 7 years since releasing their debut LP through Broken World Media. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, YY1KXY wants you to know that optimism is not only possible, but the ultimate act of rebellion against a system designed to make you give up before you even start. Formed in 2018 against the backdrop of Columbus, Ohio, Year Twins is a three-piece band carving out their niche in the realms of punk, emo, and math rock. Reminiscent of bands such as A Great Big Pile of Leaves, PUP, and Into It. Over   Chicago four-piece Sweet Bike play emo like 2013 never ended.   Bottom Bracket is a Chicago-based emo band getting ready to ride their (also sweet) bikes all the way to your house.

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