Anessa Rivera, PIWA, Gayun Cannon

Anessa Rivera is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Alt-Pop/RnB. Her ethereal vocals weave a tapestry of melodies that push the limits of traditional Pop and aside her band, blends heartfelt lyrics with airy instrumentals. Raised in Tucson, now calling Chicago home, Rivera is an ever-evolving artist committed to growing her craft.PIWA is a Chicago based Zimbabwean artist here to make us move to the rhythm of her drum; with the use of her alternative R&B tones and afrofuturistic energy, Piwa is known as a force to be felt.Chicago singer, self-produced, and multi-instrumentalist Gayun Cannon is known for creating a process of healing within each song whether it is about love or her own trials and tribulations through life. Her main goal is for her listeners to tap into their emotions. Incorporating her own infectious melodies with influences from multiple backgrounds and inspirations, Gayun has created a sound like no other.

Daniel Gayden, SOSO, YASMINE

Daniel Gayden, a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist and drummer, emerges as a dynamic force from the vibrant cultural scene of the city’s South Side. With influences shaping his unique voice, Gayden’s rhythmic prowess extends beyond conventional boundaries, blending beats and the soulful resonance of love songs. As a seasoned drummer, he captures the diverse essence of Chicago’s music scene, commanding stages with a magnetic presence as a freelance performer. Gayden’s artistic journey goes beyond the drum kit; he is a visionary creative director, curating immersive experiences that transcend traditional art forms.

Liv Roskos, Starlet, and Tamar Mitchell

Liv Roskos is a creative, entreprenuer, and events producer. Her passion is to create artistic environments and experiences where artists feel known, valued, and loved. Her music is birthed out of the everyday human experience. Through an eclectic mix of jazz/soul/pop fusion, Liv shares stories of hope, love, & inspiration.


PRYCE is an alternative R&B singer known for their unique blend of soulful melodies,experimental production, and introspective lyrics. With a distinct sound that pushes theboundaries of traditional R&B, PRYCE has carved out their own niche in the music industry.Born and raised in Chicago, PRYCE developed a passion for music at a young age and begancrafting her own songs. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres, including pop, musicaltheater, jazz, and indie, they seamlessly incorporate these influences into their music, creating afresh and innovative sound.PRYCE’s music is characterized by lush vocals, atmospheric production, and introspective lyricsthat delve into themes of love, self-discovery, and personal growth. Her ability to evoke rawemotions through her music has been able to resonate with her audience and allow healingthrough her artistry for both herself and listeners.With a growing discography of captivating singles, PRYCE continues to push the boundaries ofalternative R&B, captivating listeners with their unique sonic palette and thought-provokinglyrics. Her music resonates with those seeking a fresh take on the genre, and they are poised tomake a lasting impact in the music industry.

Kacie Brown & The Vision, The Megan Esther Band, Bread On Fork, and Haj

Kacie Brown (b. 2001) is a Neo-Soul/Pop singer-songwriter currently based in Chicago.Alongside her band, “The Vision” she has performed locally around the area, spreading messages of love and body acceptance. Kacie references many Black artists as her main influence of artistry. Sonically she notes Minnie Ripperton, Mariah Carey, and Micheal Jackson as artists who have inspired her greatly. The vocalist has recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago, with a BM in Contemporary, Urban and Popular Music with a focus in performance and songwriting. Her sophomore single “love” is being released very soon. And she’s been working on an EP and an album. 

Kai Akili, NileXNile, Boys VS Girls

With various sounds ranging from poetic, somber ballads to lyrical sonnets, Kai Akili has shown a great ability to be versatile. The Chicago emcee traversed his way through the open mic circuit during high school, eventually finding a deeper love for music through learning music theory. His background in music created a mold of neo-soul mixed in with hip-hop, which are just some of the many elements that can be found throughout his music.

Front Row Live presents: Curtain Call FEATURING : Morgan Gold, Simeon, Mouna Tahar, Sammicee

Are y’all ready for an unforgettable night of R&B?   Texas-based group, Front Row Live, is bringing the heat to Chicago with the first rendition of their “Curtain Call” series!   “Curtain Call” will be an intimate night filled with the city’s finest voices and fan Q&A.   And after the main show? There will be a DJ to spin the best R&B tunes that’ll keep the vibes going through the end of the night. Big thanks to our sponsors Kizmah CBD, BT Assembly, and The Ghetto Flower!   See you there, Chicago!

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