MellowPhobia, Ione, Lydia Cash

Based in Kansas City, Kansas, MellowPhobia is an alt-rock band that brings a lively and dynamic sound to the music scene. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the band relocated and recorded their debut EP, “Is This Seat Taken?” Their single, “Jackal,” gained attention, leading to performances at festivals and indie venues. Notable highlights include sharing stages with national touring acts such as The Greeting Committee, The Regrettes, The Velveteers, Colony House, and more. By 2024, “Jackal” had surpassed 40,000 streams. Looking ahead, the band is gearing up for new releases, each contributing to their evolving sound.Ione, A 25 year old Singer/Songwriter from Sioux City Iowa, started her singing career at the age of 11. Since that time she has toured extensively throughout the Midwest developing her unique style. Ione’s powerful, soulful voice is undeniable whether singing her empowering Alt Rock compositions or more intimate heartfelt confessionals.Lydia Cash’s latest release, “Indigo”, boasts her fresh indie take on country music, weaving synths with traditional pedal steel, her airy voice floating with stacked harmonies and emotional, heartfelt lyrics. The five songs share a common theme of longing, whether that be for a person, a feeling, or for the past. While heavy on the nostalgia, there is nothing dated about this EP; honest, full of heart, with confessional lyrics, Cash is creating something new in country music and leaves us feeling good and wanting more.

Holy Joke, Janet Blackwell, Dogcatcher

Holy Joke is an alt-country band from Chicago, IL. They are celebrating the release of their second EP.Janet Blackwell is a musical artist based in Chicago. Her music explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, with a sound that blends elements of folk, rock, and pop. Heavily influenced by the mysticality of 70s rock lyricism and its imagery, upcoming music has direct influence of the gritty Riot Grrrl movement–with a folk rock twist.Dogcatcher’s sound ranges from the loud and loose ferocity of a modern-day Crazy Horse to the pin-drop silence of a Big Thief show.

Adjy, Patrick Jasper, Slow Riser

Adjy is a musical mythopoic apparatus based in undisclosed locations in Appalachia.Patrick Jasper is a Chicago based guitarist and songwriter. Drawing from his roots in folk, math-rock and experimental rock, his new project tumbles into new sonic territory while maintaining a down to earth musical sensibility.Slow Riser is a Chicago-based dark indie-pop project comprised of two longtime musical collaborators, Ian Young and Claire Watkins (Scout Ripley, Morning Arms).

The Umbrellas

The Umbrellas are four renegade romantics crafting irresistible indie pop hymns. The band’s self-titled 2021 debut album became a breakout moment, winning critical praise and sparking an international tour. Follow-up LP ‘Fairweather Friend’ goes a step further – absorbing the sonic attack of their live shows, it balances this with studio finesse, allowing the San Francisco four-piece to become the band they’ve always aspired to be.

St. Marlboro, 96 Cougar, Sunvolume

St. Marlboro is a Chicago rock ‘n’ roll band influenced by twangy classic country, ethereal indie rock, and the grit of Chicago punk. The four-piece band creates a unique urban-gothic sound, reminiscent of early 2000’s folk-rock powerhouses.

Annie Fish & the Hot Bono Band Present: U2, Wallplant, Neon Croissant

U2 was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1976 and has since sold over 150 million albums worldwide. Annie Fish was born in 1987 and has been yelling in Chicago since 2005Wallplant is bedroom pop inflicted post punkNeon Croissant is the genre bending, feature on every song collaboration of Trung Vu and Abenicio Casias.

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