Quest Master (AU), Alkilith, OrpheusX, DJ Dustin Drase

Ages 21 and up
Sunday, March 24
Doors: 6:30pm // Show: 7pm
The Australian king of Fantasy Synthesizer Music, Quest Master (aka LordGorith) makes his Chicago debut and exclusive date for 2024.
Joining him will be Alkilith Mage, OrpheusX and DJ Dustin Drase will spin Trve Dungeon / Fantasy music throughout.

Fantasy Synthesizer Music. Chicago debut and exclusive date for 2024.
"Alkilith, a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired dungeon synth/fantasy ambient project (what they call "dwarven synth"), crafts its songs from minimal resources, often relying on single keyboard tracks to create atmosphere. Influenced by more traditional 8- and 16-bit video game music as well as their own peers, Alkilith concentrates on creating an atmosphere by utilitarian means—finding oneself in Alkilith’s dreamworld is simply the end result. The dwarven sound relies more on the keen musician’s intuition than some grand, bellicose artistic statement. Alkilith doesn’t try, it merely is, and the natural-sounding music found on the Blade of Morndinsamman is as relaxing as it is engaging. These are the halls of the gods to which Alkilith summons, this is a true and vivid setting rather than some gaudy affectation. Use this to add to your upcoming game’s atmosphere, or lose yourself in it on its own." - Jon Rosenthal
OrpheusX is the project of Peter Kaiafas. Peter Kaiafas was born in Gary,Indiana to Greek immigrant parents. He started piano at age 9 and has played guitar since age 13. He has played in various bands since the 1990’s. Peter took up oud 8 years ago and studied with Alex Farha in Chicago. The oud is a lute-type, stringed instrument that precedes the guitar by several centuries. It is primarily played throughout the Middle East, Turkey and Greece. OrpheusX is the project name he created where he plays oud with loops, effects, cello bow, vocals and sometimes percussion.
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